• DusuPay Merchant Approval form

    Requirements for merchant approval. Must be totally filled


  • Your Date of birth must match that on your personal identification provided in this application form otherwise it will be declined.

  • *We only offer live support to our merchants via Skype communications. Your Skype ID is Required. Create one at Skype.com if you do not already have one.


  • Put the valid name as registered at the companies house. Use your names if you have no registred business

  • Select ONLY 1 option that best suits your business

  • Not a Sole proprietorship! You MUST upload certificate of incorporation.

  • Where do you business from?

  • For example utility bill or bank statement showing company name and address

  • *All regulated businesses must provide a valid trading licence. Licences shall be cross checked with the relevant regulatory bodies for verification. Your application will be declined if no licence is submitted for your regulated business.

  • *International format please

  • *Majority share holder. Please note that this is compulsory before application can be submitted.

  • For example utility bill or bank statement showing business owners name and address


  • Banking Information

    For pay outs. It must be in the company names

  • For Collections

  • Please upload all relevant documents to support your application. we reserve the right to accept or decline any application under our full discretion.