• USICOC Foundation Spirit of Innovation Fall 2017

    Technology Competition and Business Plan Presentation Application

  • Qualifying Information

    Answers to these questions determine whether or not you are qualified to apply

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  • Team Information

  • If you do not have any other team members, then please state that.

  • About Your Invention

  • Does the team or individual currently have rights to the IP upon which the technology is based? Answer “yes” or “no” and please describe the current status of the IP rights.

  • Supported by any research or other grants? If yes, please describe. List any recognition or awards earned for this invention. Has this invention been presented in any previous competitions? If yes, please describe.

  • If possible, please create a video of a demo of the prototype, no longer than 90 seconds. The video should be on YouTube, with the video privacy setting set to “unlisted” or “public” but not “private”.

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