• Hardware configuration

    Slide resources right and left to customize your VPS

  • | 0
    | 128

    computer memory in gigabytes (GB) - 2GB or higher recommended for deep history charts and optimization

  • | 0
    | 32

    number of physical processor cores (each one 2.1GHz or higher) - higher numbers increase speed of calculations via parallel processing

  • | 0
    | 500

    your permanent disk space (in GB) for installing/storing files

  • | 0
    | 1000

    speed of network/internet connection in megabits per second (Mbps)

  • the amount of monthly traffic included with your configuration - dependent on Port Speed

  • Subscription

    Monthly or annual cost based on the above configuration

  • You can opt to try your configured VPS for 7 days before committing to a full month or year.

  • This is what you pay the first 7 days, then either monthly or annual amount below, should you choose to stay with us.

  • in U.S. Dollars - subscription renews once a month, on the day of sign-up date

  • in U.S. Dollars - subscription renews once a year, on the month and day of sign-up date

  • annual subscriptions : pay for 11 months, get 12th free

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