• Coastal Cleanup Day 2017 Sign-up Form

    Coastal Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 16, 2017. Sign up here to help keep our coasts clean!

  • If you are part of a school group, please also complete the school comment section below.

  • If part of a group and know the site captain's name, enter it above. If not, leave blank and we will contact you and place you in touch with the captain already in place. If participating in the South Clam Beach Cleanup please list the NEC.

  • T-Shirts are for Site Captains only and as supplies last, leftovers are available upon request at the North Country Fair at our booth for participants. Please specify your T-shirt size so that we may create a supply bag for your site.

  • If you are a group leader, please estimate the number expected within your group or family. If you are participating as an individual, please mark as 1.

  • If cleaning a site not on this list please hit other and specify in the comments section. If a school group would like to clean up their campus instead select other and specify in the School Group section. Asterisk sites have captains.

  • School Groups

    Additional info needed from participating school groups

  • If other date chosen please specify here

  • Have questions? Email Coastal Cleanup Coordinator Madison Peters at coastalcleanup@yournec.org

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