• Application for FSG 2016 workshops

    Application for workshops at FSG 2016

  • Presenter Info

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  • optional

  • Class Information

  • Academy & YA Track classes should generally be 1 hour. enter 99 for an Installation

  • please include any prerequisites. For sweats, please include focus, number of rounds, and guides

  • Item Details

  • List SS Programs

  • Min. for sacred sex is 16- WITH PERMISSION; for sweats 15- WITH PERMISSION

  • USD

  • e.g., "I need access to an oven to bake the bread," or "I need the portable fire pit and some wood," or I need antlers and a ladle for my sweat," or "I need a 3.5 mm - 2 RCA adapter cable"

  • Sweat Specific Info

  • Norse, Sun bear,Wiccan, Personal..

  • the usual case is that sweats are clothing-optional and have no moon time restrictions. please list any restrictions or special instructions other than/in addition to THE USUAL. Info that you enter here will be added to the description

  • When and Where

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