• Bandturo: BIG LABEL

    Booker sign-up agreement for venues and promoters

  • Organization Information

    All mandatory information is subject to verification.

  • All qualified participating venues must conduct booking over email.

  • Complimentary Member Benefits

    There is zero cost to become a participating member of our circuit.

  • Agreement

  • You are not obligated for more than one per date. You are not obligated for major holidays.

  • Sandwich/small tab/place to crash/etc.

  • We won't leap to any conclusions. We are very reasonable. We just want the best for independent artists and the community.

  • Feedback

    Help us further improve the independent music industry

  • Optional

  • Good idea? Are we crazy? Suggestions? Say what you want here. We are founded by touring artists so we have thick skin and support hair-brained ideas. Say whatever you want. And thank you very, very much.

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